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St Peter's Church
St Peter's Church unknown date - See Note.
St Peter's Church unknown date - See Note.

St Peter's Church

Badgebup, WA 6317

Church Information

Church Name: St Peter's Church
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Non-denominational
Street Address: Katanning-Nyabing Rd, Badgebup WA 6317, Australia
Suburb: Badgebup
State: WA
Postcode: 6317
Foundation Stone Laid: 04-02-1922
Foundation Stone Notes: 

Foundation stone records: "To the Glory of God." 

It was laid on 4/2/1922 by Mrs J C Warren in the presence of Bishop Cecil Wilson of Bunbury, Archdeacon Burbidge of Katanning, and many others.

Date Opened: 16-09-1922
Date Closed: unknown
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St. Peter’s Church, Badgebup was consecrated on 16/9/1922 by His Grace the Archbishop of Perth, C D L Riley.

It was "built as a memorial to Private John Campbell Dale Warren, eldest son of J.C. and Lillie Warren of “Dyliabing” and other boys of the district killed in action in the First World War 1914-1918.
These were early days of settlement in the district, the Warren family having taken up land in 1898, and Campbell’s parents thought that a district church would be a fitting memorial to their son.
The project received great support and in 1919 Mr. R.L. Richardson donated an acre (one thousand square metres) of land for the Church". Extract from https://lostkatanning.com/churches/

The story of the church and the involvement of the community is heart warming. Please read it at the above site.

Photographs uploaded from the site on 26/9/2018.

Note: Photograph attribution/source - https://lostkatanning.com/churches/               

No dates for the photographs is known.

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