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St Paul's Anglican Church
St Paul's Anglican Church 00-02-2013 - (c) gordon@mingor.net
St Paul's Anglican Church - Respectively Shown 00-02-2013 - (c) gordon@mingor.net

St Paul's Anglican Church

Arthur River, WA 6315

Church Information

Church Name: St Paul's Anglican Church
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Anglican Church of Australia
Street Address: 16882 Albany Hwy, Arthur River WA 6315, Australia
Suburb: Arthur River
State: WA
Postcode: 6315
Foundation Stone Laid: unknown
Foundation Stone Notes: 

No Foundation Stone or Memorial Plaque details are known. Information/photographs are invited.

Notice Board records: Built - 1882

History plaque records:

"So far from the city, the delivery of pastoral care to the local parishioners was patchy at best. Although the town was established in the 1850s it did not have a church until the 1880s and even then had to share a minister with the surrounding communities.


The local Taylor family donated the land and £50 towards the construction of the church. Work commenced in 1882 and was finished just before Christmas in 1884.


Sandalwood harvesting was one of the earliest industries but the supply of trees soon ran low. The cemetery contains two sandalwood trees that serve as a reminder of one of the area's earliest and most lucrative industries."

Date Opened: 00-00-1884
Date Closed: unknown
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


The St Paul's Anglican Church, Arthur River, is part of the Williams - Gateway Parish and the Diocese of Bunbury. The building was erected on land donated by the local Taylor family, along with 50 pounds towards the construction costs. Construction was commenced in 1882 and the building was completed just before Christmas 1884. A cemetery adjacent to the  church contains pioneer graves dating for the 1880s. The two respectively shown are Catherine Hamersley - aged 32 (1884) and Jane Spratt - aged 65 (1885). More historical information/photographs of the church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 16/9/2018.



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