Christ Church Anglican Church
Christ Church Anglican Church 22-04-2018 - John Conn, Templestowe, Victoria
Christ Church Anglican Church - Hall 22-04-2018 - John Conn, Templestowe, Victoria

Christ Church Anglican Church

Seymour, VIC 3660

Church Information

Church Name: Christ Church Anglican Church
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Anglican Church of Australia
Street Address: 4 Anzac Ave, Seymour VIC 3660, Australia
Suburb: Seymour
State: VIC
Postcode: 3660
Foundation Stone Laid: 28-07-1945
Foundation Stone Notes: 

Foundation stone records: To the Glory of God - this stone was laid by - Thomas Makinson Armour - 3rd Bishop of Wangaratta - 28th July 1945 - L E F Sarroff ~ Rector - Louis Williams ~ Architect.

A plaque on the church hall records: This hall was dedicated - to the Glory of God - and for the use of the parishioners - of Christ Church, Seymour - by - Thomas Makinson Armour - 3rd Bishop of Wangaratta - 30th June, 1962 - Builder: R D Beattie P/L ~ Architect: Harry Winbush ~ B ARCH, F R A I A - John A Leaver ~ Rector.

Date Opened: 00-01-1946
Date Closed: unknown


"While Christ Church Seymour today is located at Anzac Avenue, the original church was built on the Old Sydney Road (now Emily Street) in 1863. Back then, the site was the height of activity and many people travelling north – before the Hume Freeway was built – would pass by. On December 13, 1865 the first part of the Church, the nave, was opened. With the coming of the railways, the centre of Seymour moved to Anzac Avenue. In July 1945, the foundation stone of the new Christ Church of Seymour was laid by the third Bishop of Wangaratta, the Right Rev’d Thomas Makinson Armour. It was not, however, until the following January that Bishop Armour dedicated the new church. On Saturday November 27, 1965, Christ Church was consecrated as a House of God by the Right Rev’d Theodore Bruce McCall, Bishop of Wangaratta. On the weekend of 21st-22nd November [2015] the Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary of the Dedication of Christ Church Seymour. Bishop John Parkes and his wife Margaret came and took part in the celebration Dinner and Service." (Extract Church Website

More historical information/photographs of the church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 18/6/2018.

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