Kaniva Church of Christ
Kaniva Church of Christ 14-11-2022 - Derek Flannery
Kaniva Church of Christ - Earlier Building 00-00-1915 - www.pinterest.com - See Note.

Kaniva Church of Christ

Kaniva, VIC 3419

Church Information

Church Name: Kaniva Church of Christ
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Churches of Christ
Street Address: 108 Commercial St E, Kaniva VIC 3419, Australia
Suburb: Kaniva
State: VIC
Postcode: 3419
Foundation Stone Laid: 12-02-1929
Foundation Stone Notes: 

Foundation Stone records: Church of Christ - This stone was laid by - Mrs J.M.Goldsworthy - 12th February 1929.

A plaque records: To commemorate Churches of Christ - which once constituted the Kaniva Circuit - located at:- Bill's Gully, Dinyarrack, North Leeor, Lillimur, South Lillimur, Mitchie, Sandsmere, Serviceton, Yanac, Yanipy and Yearinga - on the occasion of the centenary of the Churches of Christ at Kaniva, - we honour and praise God - for the remembrance of men and women, who, - with the blessing of our heavenly Father, - laid the foundations of the church at Kaniva - and throughout the surrounding district. - "God calls away His workmen but carries on His work." - March 14th 1989.

Date Opened: 00-00-1929
Date Closed: unknown
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The Kaniva Church of Christ is part of the Churches of Christ Victoria & Tasmania. The present church building was erected in 1929 and replaced an earlier building erected in 1891. Early services, from the mid 1880s, where held in private homes and then the Mechanics Institute. In 1999 the church began a shared ministry with the Kaniva Uniting Church. About 2018 the congregation joined the Serviceton Church of Christ in its shared ministry with the Uniting Church there also, which continues (see separate entry - 3420). At the beginning of this shared ministry, services alternated between church buildings, but it is not known if this is still the case. No other details are known. More historical information/photographs of the church/congregation are invited. Photographs upoaded 30/12/2022.

Note: Photograph attribution/source - https://i.pinimg.com/originals/44/16/7b/44167b4d7bea6adb8d9e0faa0d01fcf3.jpg
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