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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church - Forner
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church - Former 28-05-2001 - Roger Andre - SLSA - https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/reso
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church - Former unknown date - data.environment.sa.gov.au - See Note.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church - Former

Dawson, SA 5422

Church Information

Church Name: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church - Former
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Catholic Church in Australia
Street Address: Fourth St, Dawson SA 5422, Australia
Suburb: Dawson
State: SA
Postcode: 5422
Foundation Stone Laid: 00-07-1885
Foundation Stone Notes: The foundation stone was laid in July 1885. The text on the foundation stone is not known. Information/photographs are invited.
Date Opened: 00-00-1886
Date Closed: 00-00-1969
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


The former Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Dawson property is now privately owned. The church had been part of the Diocese of Port Augusta/Port Pirie. The church building was designed by Father John Norton, an architect turned priest. The former building stands forlorn in the vacant paddocks of the once optomistic farming town/district of Dawson. It was opened in 1886,  a year in which there was no harvest. Funds had been raised from the local community. With the failure of farming in this location and the decline in the town population, the church was closed in 1969.  No other details are known. More historical information/photographs of the former church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 18/2/2019.

For heritage listing detail see: http://maps.sa.gov.au/heritagesearch/HeritageItem.aspx?p_heritageno=16010

Note: Photograph attribution/source - https://data.environment.sa.gov.au/content/heritage-surveys/upper-north-vol-6.-district-council-of-peterborough.pdf. This document also provides more details about the local conditions.

Last Updated: Sunday 4th February, 2024