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Ashgrove Baptist Church
Ashgrove Baptist Church 03-09-2017 - John Huth, Wilston, Brisbane.
Ashgrove Baptist Church 03-09-2017 - John Huth, Wilston, Brisbane.

Ashgrove Baptist Church

Ashgrove, QLD 4060

Church Information

Church Name: Ashgrove Baptist Church
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Baptist
Street Address: 7 Firhill St, Ashgrove QLD 4060, Australia
Suburb: Ashgrove
State: QLD
Postcode: 4060
Foundation Stone Laid: unknown
Foundation Stone Notes: 

No Foundation Stone details are known. Information/photographs are invited.

A plaque records: Ashgrove - Baptist Church - Worship Centre and Youth Hall - opened and dedicated - to the - Glory of God - 3rd September 1988 - Given by God's people to enable many to - know love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ - in - Ashgrove - Australia - and - throughout the world.

Date Opened: 03-09-1988
Date Closed: unknown
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


On Sunday the 17th June 1934 a group of people met in the Ashgrove Progress Association Hall with a heart to see a Baptist Church established in the rapidly growing suburb on the outskirts of Brisbane. The suburb was Ashgrove and this meeting was the first Ashgrove Baptist Church service. Decades later, Ashgrove Baptist Church has the same heart: to be a friendly Christ-centred church where all are welcome and where all encounter Jesus’ love.(Church Website - http://www.ashgrove.org.au/about/ ).

More historical information/photographs of the church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 28/11/2017.

Last Updated: Tuesday 28th November, 2017