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Luddenham Uniting Church
Luddenham Uniting Church 20-06-2004 - Alan Patterson
Luddenham Uniting Church 00-00-2005 - Paul Davies Pty Ltd - See Note.

Luddenham Uniting Church

Luddenham, NSW 2745

Church Information

Church Name: Luddenham Uniting Church
Church Previous Name: Luddenham Primitive Methodist Church
Denomination: Uniting Church in Australia
Street Address: 3097 The Northern Road, Luddenham NSW 2745, Australia
Suburb: Luddenham
State: NSW
Postcode: 2745
Foundation Stone Laid: 21-07-1886
Foundation Stone Notes: 

(Nepean Times - 24 July 1886)   "Primitive Methodist Church Luddenham LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE. BY OUR TRAVELLING REPORTER Luddenham was the scene, on Wednesday afternoon, of a very interesting ceremony, viz : laying the foundation stone of a new Primitive Methodist Church, also a tea and public meeting in aid of the building fund."

The foundation stone was laid on 21/7/1886 by the Rev E Cook Pritchard and a Memorial Stone by Mr H Burling.

The formal text of the foundation/memorial stones is not known. Information/photographs are invited.

Date Opened: 14-11-1886
Date Closed: unknown
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


Methodist services were initiated in the district by Mr Charles Harrison in 1854, in his home. The number of members grew and a slabb church with a shingle roof was built on the property of Mr John T C Mayne of Greendale in 1856. This chapel was used for worship by the Primitive Methodist congregation till the opening of the present church in1886.

The present Luddenham Uniting Church building was competed in 1886, on land donated by Richard Watkins. A small cemetery adjoins the church.

(Nepean Times - 20 November 1886)   "OPENING OF THE NEW PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCH. The new Primitive Methodist Church at Luddenham, which is almost complete, was formally opened by the Rev. J. B. Penman on Sunday last. Mr. Penman delivered two sermons on that day - one in the afternoon and one in the evening - to large congregations."

Several speakers criticized the workmanship of the contractor and his failure to complete the church on time.

The church building was rededicated on 18/9/1966 after renovations to the inside had been completed.1

More historical information/photographs of the church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 11/5/2018 & 17/10/2020.

Note 1: Material sourced from: illuminate (27th June 2019). Luddenham Uniting Church. formerly Methodist, centenary 1886~1986. In Website illuminate. Retrieved 21st Oct 2020 09:51, from https://illuminate.recollect.net.au/nodes/view/1491.

Note: Photograph attribution/source - https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/maritimeheritageapp/resources/Heritage/shi/226/2260120b3.jpg

Last Updated: Wednesday 21st October, 2020