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St Brigid's Catholic Church - Former
St Brigid's Catholic Church - Former 00-00-2018 - Alan Patterson
St Brigid's Catholic Church - Former 27-01-2018 - Derrick Jessop

St Brigid's Catholic Church - Former

Moorilda, NSW 2795

Church Information

Church Name: St Brigid's Catholic Church - Former
Church Previous Name: St Thomas Catholic Church
Denomination: Catholic Church in Australia
Street Address: 24 St Brigids Ln, Moorilda NSW 2795, Australia
Suburb: Moorilda
State: NSW
Postcode: 2795
Foundation Stone Laid: 04-11-1871
Foundation Stone Notes: 

(Freeman's Journal - November 18, 1871)  "CEREMONY OF LAYING THE FOUNDATION-STONE OF THE NEW CATHOLIC CHURCH, TEAPOT SWAMP. (From a Correspondent.) It is not often that any event of sufficient importance to claim notice in the public press occurs in this comparatively secluded district. On Saturday last, 4th instant, however, it was evident, from the busy mood of the inhabitants, that preparations were being made for some unusual occasion. On a beautiful eminence overlooking our picturesque vale which, by the way, deserves a more flattering name than that which it bears — a number of people were engaged in setting all things in order for the ceremony of the laying of the foundation-stone of St. Thomas's Church by our venerated bishop on the following day. The church will be of stone, and when completed, will be an ornament to our locality, and a living memorial of the zeal and piety of those who are instrumental in its erection. The foundation is already filled in and the base course on, the chancel corner at the Gospel side being left unfilled till the ceremony of Sunday last should have taken place. A temporary altar, covered in by a pavilion, was erected on the site of the future altar for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice on this occasion : and a capacious booth was set up on the adjacent ground for the luncheon which was arranged to come oft immediately after the ceremony. The stone was then blessed and laid in accordance with the usual form of the Church : in a cavity prepared therefore was placed a bottle containing the accustomed parchment and inscription; — also a slip with the names of the church committee, architect and contractor together with a copy of last week's Freeman".

No foundation stone text details are known. Information/photographs are invited.

Note: Moorilda was formerly known as Teapot Swamp.


Date Opened: 00-00-1873
Date Closed: unknown
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


(The Catholic Press - May 12, 1927)  "Bathurst Diocese. On Sunday, 1st inst., the old Catholic Church of St Brigid's, at Moorilda, was blessed and re-opened by his Lordship Right Rev Dr Norton (Coadjutor-Bishop), in the presence of a large attendance. The old church was built 54 years ago by the late Father Davoren, first parish priest of Rockley, but owing to a decrease of population the church has not been in use for some years. After blessing the church his Lordship said, in the course of an impressive discourse, that now as the church was entering its second spring he hoped it would worthily carry on the sacred functions for which it was built. Rev Father McKeon gave a complete historical account of the church from the opening by his Lordship the late Dr Quinn, in 1873, to the present day. Through the energetic efforts of Father McKeon, and his loyal parishioners, the church has been completely restored, and the memorable re-opening made possible. The debt was almost liquidated at the ceremony.

The former St Brigid's Catholic Church property is now privately owned. A small cemetery adjoins the church. More historical information/photographs of the former church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 5/4/2018.

Last Updated: Sunday 8th January, 2023