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St Michael's Melkite Catholic Cathedral
St Michael's Melkite Catholic Cathedral 28-10-2020 - Church Facebook - See Note.
St Michael's Melkite Catholic Cathedral - St Keiran's Catholic Church 00-00-1977 - City of Sydney - See Note.

St Michael's Melkite Catholic Cathedral

Darlington, NSW 2008

Church Information

Church Name: St Michael's Melkite Catholic Cathedral
Church Previous Name: St Michael the Archangel Melkite Catholic Cathedral
Denomination: Catholic Church in Australia
Street Address: 25 Golden Grove St, Darlington NSW 2008, Australia
Suburb: Darlington
State: NSW
Postcode: 2008
Foundation Stone Laid: unknown
Foundation Stone Notes: 

A tablet records: The Right Rev - Archi S Mansour - The Right Rev A Archimanorite Sylvanos Mansour - The First Greek Melkite Catholic - Missionary Priest to Australasia and the - Founder of this Church. Born in 1853 - This Tablet was Erected by his Little Flock - in Recognition of His Services. March 13th 1921. 

A plaque records: This Church was consecrated and blessed - by His Beatitude Maximos V Hakim - Patriarch of Antioch, All the Orient - Alexandria and Jerusalem - 4th January 1981.

Date Opened: 04-01-1981
Date Closed: unknown
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


The St Michael's Melkite Catholic Cathedral, Darlington was inaugurated in 1977 after it acquired the former St Kieran's Catholic Church property. It was consecrated and blessed on 4/1/1981. No other details are known about the former St Keiran's. More historical information/photographs of the church(es)/congregation(s) are invited. Photographs uploaded 22/11/2020.

Note: Photograph attribution/source - https://www.facebook.com/stmichaelsmelkite/photos/a.777121312384069/3291579940938181/?type=3&theater 

Note: St Keiran's Roman Catholic Church, Golden Grove Street Darlington, circa 1977 (01/01/1977 - 31/12/2020, https://archives.cityof sydney.nsw.gov.au/nodes/view/689231.


Last Updated: Wednesday 3rd March, 2021