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St Paul's Anglican Church
St Paul's Anglican Church 01-03-2011 - Thom Blake - See Note.
St Paul's Anglican Church 01-03-2011 - Thom Blake - See Note.

St Paul's Anglican Church

North Talwood, QLD 4496

Church Information

Church Name: St Paul's Anglican Church
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Anglican Church of Australia
Street Address: Main St, North Talwood QLD 4496, Australia
Suburb: North Talwood
State: QLD
Postcode: 4496
Foundation Stone Laid: 15-04-1950
Foundation Stone Notes: 

Foundation stone records: A M D G - In honour of the Blessed - Apostle and Martyr St Paul - and as a War Memorial and Thanksgiving for victory - in the War 1939 ~ 1945 - this stone was laid on 15th April 1950 - by the Most Rev R C Halse MA DD - Archbishop of Brisbane - R E Wick Th L ~ Rector - A H Warner, A DuRiez ~ Church Wardens.

A plaque on the gate records: To the Glory of God - this wall is dedicated - in loving memory of - Albert Pfingst - who died on 13th May, 1960 - presented by his daughter - Kathleen Anderson.

A plaque/honour roll records: This church was built - in memory of - those who served their country (then follows a list of 124 names).

Date Opened: 15-09-1956
Date Closed: unknown
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


St Paul’s Church in Talwood is located in the Goondiwindi Parish. The first recorded service in the parish, officiated by Archdeacon Glennie, took place at “Wyaga Station” in 1848. According to a memorial inscription, “Mr Young built the first C. of E. House of Prayer in the district” which we think was a chapel that once existed at Umbercollie. There was also a station chapel at Callandoon, the remains of which were destroyed by fire in 1926.

In 1939 the timber church in Goondiwindi, built in 1882, was replaced with a brick building. The parishioners of Talwood entered into a long period of fundraising to build their own brick church. The principal sponsor was a local farming family, the Warners. The new church was dedicated on 15th September 1956 by Archbishop Halse.

St Paul’s is famous for the carved rood screen and mosaic reredos transported from the Warner family church in Hyeres, France after the 2nd World War. During the war, the French church was occupied by German soldiers. Much of the church was destroyed, but fortunately some Moorish soldiers had removed the reredos (a beautiful mosaic in memory of H.E. Warner) and the rood screen (presented to the church in memory of his wife). These items were hidden in the woods behind Hyeres.

Mr Warner’s son visited the old home in France in 1948, recovered the hidden treasures, had them packed in timber cases and shipped by sea to Sydney. On the way, the ship struck an old mine in Noumea Harbour and sank. The ship was refloated and the precious contents were found to be intact with only minor damage. The treasures were placed in the church at Talwood together with a brass cross given in memory of Mrs Warner Snr, by her friends in Hyeres." (Extract Church Website - https://anglicanchurchsq.org.au/parishes/st-pauls/)   

Photographs uploaded 2/10/2017.

Note: Photographs uplifted from: A Report for the Goondiwindi Regional Council - Heritage Survey - March 2011 - Thom Blake Historian.
Last Updated: Monday 14th May, 2018