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Our Lady of Vladimir Church
Our Lady of Vladimir Church 11-01-2017 - John Huth, Wilston, Brisbane.
Our Lady of Vladimir Church 11-01-2017 - John Huth, Wilston, Brisbane.

Our Lady of Vladimir Church

Rocklea, QLD 4106

Church Information

Church Name: Our Lady of Vladimir Church
Church Previous Name: -
Denomination: Orthodox (All)
Street Address: 14A Douglas Rd, Rocklea QLD 4106, Australia
Suburb: Rocklea
State: QLD
Postcode: 4106
Foundation Stone Laid: unknown
Foundation Stone Notes: 

No Foundation Stone details are known. Information/photographs are invited.

A plaque records: Parish - of the - Vladimir Icon - of the Mother of God - Russian Orhodox Church Outside of Russia

Date Opened: unknown
Date Closed: unknown
Email: admin@churchesaustralia.org


The church was founded in 1956 by a Russian immigrant Reader Evphimiy Shishkoff. He had fled  perscution in Russia and while a refugee in Persia, made a promise while praying that if he and his family survived he would build a church in honour of the icon. Against the odds he was able to migrate to Australia. He began to make good on his promise when he bought land in Rocklea in 1956 to build the church.  After that church became too small the present church was built and consecrated in the 1990's. Work is still ongoing. More historical information/photographs of the church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 7/8/2017.

For further background to this church refer: http://directory.stinnocentpress.com/viewparish.cgi?Uid=165&lang=en and http://www.roq.org.au/vladimir-icon-of-the-mother-of-god.html
Last Updated: Monday 26th November, 2018