Moggill Uniting Church - Old Church
Moggill Uniting Church - New Church 20-08-2017 - John Huth, Wilston, Brisbane
Moggill Uniting Church 20-08-2017 - John Huth, Wilston, Brisbane

Moggill Uniting Church

Moggill, QLD 4070

Church Information

Church Name: Moggill Uniting Church
Church Previous Name: Moggill Methodist Church
Denomination: Methodist (Wesleyan and Other)
Street Address: 3414 Moggill Rd, Moggill QLD 4070, Australia
Suburb: Moggill
State: QLD
Postcode: 4070
Foundation Stone Laid: 24-06-1979
Foundation Stone Notes: A plaque on the new church building records: The Uniting Church in Australia - this stone was set by - The Moggill Congregation - Sunday 24th June 1979 - "If the Lord does not build the house - the work of the builder is useless - Psalm 127:1 - Minister: Rev Norma Spear BD.
Date Opened: 05-05-1868
Date Closed: unknown


'The first known Church Service to be held in Moggill was conducted by a Methodist preacher in the home of Mr T Makepeace in December 1856. For years, private homes were the venues for services...

It took until 5 May 1868 for the Moggill Wesleyan Methodists to build and open their first church. It formed part of the present 'old' Church..." (see for full article by Margaret and Don Greer, dated 30 July 2013 - Moggill Historical Society Inc).

More historical information/photographs of the church/congregation are invited. Photographs uploaded 12/10/2017.

Last Updated: Thursday 9th November, 2017